person holding white and blue plastic bottle
person holding white and blue plastic bottle

What To Expect

Rockville Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy designs a tailored care plan for hyperbaric oxygen therapy based on each patients’ needs and health goals. When it comes time for your first HBOT session, you will be walked through the process and your comfort ensured. 100% pure oxygen will be supplied through an oral/nasal face mask like the one pictured here. The mild hyperbaric chamber will be sealed with a two-zipper system which also works from the inside. The chamber will fill with filtered ambient air, which is continuously vented through the chamber so you are getting fresh, clean air. It will take about 5-10 minutes for the chamber to reach full pressure, during which you may feel pressure, minor discomfort, or popping sensations in your ears, much like one would experience when ascending or descending in a plane. Once the chamber reaches full pressure, you are free to enjoy and/or rest for your hour session. You will be given a call button if you need any assistance from Dr. Amanda while in the chamber.

How many sessions do I need?

Certain benefits are achieved with a certain number of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions:

*5 Sessions: quick boost in health and vitality, pre and post surgery recovery, complement for any type of physical medicine or body work, generally energizes, reduces inflammation, and provides protection of the body and organs

*10 Sessions: good for acute injuries, strong pain relief

*20 Sessions: strong tissue repair, enhances body's regenerative capabilities, helps mobilize new stem cells, stimulates new collagen and tissue formation, increases blood flow and circulation

*40 Sessions: good for very serious or chronic injuries and major health challenges, helps fight infections and diseases, combats aging and degenerative diseases

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